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Bleaching and lightening up to 8 levels, restructuring and restoring broken bonds and nourishing and protecting the hair in one and the same salon treatment – that's OXIBLONDE evoplexx! TRINITY haircare brings to you the Evolution of the Revolution by combining the single very best of two of our best sold and most revolutionary products: our Oxiblonde Evolution bleaching products and our TRINIFORCE Bond Amplifier (formerly known as TRINIPLEXX). In 2014 we changed the world of bleaching by introducing the strongest, yet most nourishing bleaching products in both powder and cream: our Oxiblonde Evolution bleaching series. A true revolution in the world of bleaching, where we combined the best bleaching result with nourishing and caring ingredients and offered a truly unique skin tolerance. In 2015 the TRINITY labs invented nothing less than a revolutionary formulation: TRINIPLEXX (soon to be relaunched as TRINIFORCE Bond Amplifier). Used in combination with chemical hair treatments, TRINIPLEXX prevents damage before it can even start. It creates new bonds and buffers existing ones, delivering added elasticity, strength, enhanced condition and suppleness. And now, in 2018, we are combining the best of 2 worlds and we introduce to you the Evolution of the Revolution: OXIBLONDE evoplexx! The very first bleaching series that:
  • Lifts up to 8 levels
  • Restructures & restores broken bonds
  • Creates new bonds
  • Offers an even result from roots to ends
  • Neutralizes yellowing effects
  • Protects and nourishes the hair
  • Offers a high skin tolerance
  • Provides the hair with an extreme gloss
  • Is easy to use for professional hair stylists
  • Provides elasticity & strength to the hair
  • Enhances the condition & suppleness of the hair
  • Combines revolutionary technologies into one product series
Maleic Acid is an organic compound and one of the key ingredients used into the new OXIBLONDE evoplexx bleaching series and can penetrate deeply into the cortex (the inner core of the hair), where it bonds extremely well with the Keratin structure of the hair. In combination with several nourishing and above all other organic or natural ingredients, but without any substandard chemical additives, the hair is being restored, repaired and rebuilt from the inside and immediately protected for any damaging effects already during the bleaching process. The structure of the hair improves, as well as the elasticity and strength of the hair. The extremely white powder and cream are both very easy to use by professional hair stylists and neutralize all yellowing effects. If used properly (good application, even distribution, solid usage of product, correct processing times, etc.), the OXIBLONDE evoplexx bleaching powder offers an even result from the roots to the ends and provides the hair with an extreme gloss. Due to our specialized and proven formula of additional nourishing ingredients (also tested by several independent external laboratories) the OXIBLONDE evoplexx bleaching powder offers a high skin tolerance and does not itch or hurt. The optimal combination of bleaching and lifting as high as up to 8 levels without damaging the hair. By combining two revolutionary products out of the TRINITY labs the condition of the hair is being enhanced and the suppleness of the hair is being improved.