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TRINITY haircare – The family connection

One thing on earth connects everything. One thing, that offers a home for everybody. One thing that means love, respect, loyalty, happiness, fun and security. This one thing is family. In our family, we have a home, we can truly be ourselves, we can laugh and cry together and share everything that concerns us. That’s why we call us the TRINITY haircare family!

Our philosophy

TRINITY haircare’s philosophy is not based on products, not on marketing, not on pure business – although of course every company needs these things to stay alive. Nevertheless, TRINITY haircare does not only want to stay alive! We want to grow, we want to stay ahead, we want to share and show our company, our products, our ideas. And most of all: our entire family!

TRINITY haircare – a Swiss brand

TRINITY haircare finds its origin in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Our company roots and our vision and values for the brand originate from the German part of Switzerland, close to the beautiful Lake Constance and not far from the Swiss Alps.

100% Swissness

We are proud to be Swiss and to show some of the typical characteristics Switzerland is known for across the world: superior quality products, a clean, modern and functional design and a strong focus on the environment and on nature. Every concept, every idea, every project and every development is based on where we come from. That’s what we call 100% Swissness.