lagoon royale
Under the leadership of Creative Director Jolanda Schenke (NL), Carmen Frey (D) and Claudio Falivena (CH) created the breathtaking trend collection Lagoon Royale. By combining very expressive and up-to-date hair colours, colour products and colouring techniques with easy-to-wear, lively fashion in a tropical island setting, a very inspiring and joyful trend collection has been brought to live.
timeless : cosmopolitan
There it is: our new trend collection "Timeless : Cosmopolitan" for fall/winter 2016/2017. The collection is inspired by the International ongoing trend to revive past trends and by the further globalisation of the world. Revival of the 90's with a blink of fashion and a raw and edgy finish is probably the best description of the overall hairstyles within the Timeless : Cosmopolitan trend collection of TRINITY haircare.
The trend collection TAKE TWO of 2013 is the first internationally created collection of TRINITY haircare. Our European Artistic Team with members from Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands combined the trend of metallic colours with the latest - and especially salon-offered - cuts and stylings.
Sunset BLVD
Sunset BLVD is TRINITY haircare's trend collection for spring/summer 2016. It represents all the good things in spring and summer and feels just like a holiday. By combining very strong and powerful copper shades with very feminine, yet chique and distinguished summer fashion, Sunset BLVD stands out in many different ways.
sophisticated by nature
Sophisticated by nature is the trend collection for fall/winter 2015/16. TRINITY haircare has chosen for a very feminine, fashionable, subtle, smooth and sophisticated trend collection using a brown/sandy/caramel basis with beautiful blending colours and a tone-in-tone colour palet. SOPHISTICATED BY NATURE is the end result: enjoy the beauties of nature with TRINITY haircare.
ROCKS is the TRINITY haircare trend collection for spring/summer 2015. The combination of rocks, water and sunlight often shows the most beautiful colour and light effects. Thus, this is the main theme for this collection. In the surrounding, the chosen cut & style and colour competence techniques and the styling of the hair, the fashion and the make-up, this main theme is the central point.
BELEAF IT!, the trend collection for fall/winter 2014/15, is based on strong cuts and straight lines with a modern twist, on beautiful, deep and intense colours in real autumn shades like aubergine, dark red and copper and on a lot of texture and structure in the hair.